August 7, 2018

CRA Registered Charitable Status Mandates Endorsing Abortion and LGBTQ2 Rights

Summary CRA registered charitable status results in government control. A benefit of registering is that donations are then tax-deductible. However, having CRA registered charitable status also means such charities, including churches, must then sanction abortion and LGBTQ2 rights.   CRA registered charitable status mandates sanctioning abortion and LGBTQ2 rights   Government […]
May 1, 2017

Privatize Crown Corporations is a Myth

Summary Privatize Crown corporations is a myth. This is because shareholders in the so-called private sector are not investing with their private property. Shareholders are Income Tax Act “officers” investing with Canada’s “public money“. This would include shares held, monies borrowed to buy shares, and all dividends received by shareholders. […]
October 17, 2016

Obfuscation Produces Income Tax Offences

Summary Canada’s Government obfuscates the income tax laws.  The obfuscation is through deliberately not defining key words; using “deem” over 3,500 times in Canada’s Income Tax Act; hiding the income’s status being Canada’s money; hiding how the poor taxpayer agrees to onerous fiduciary duties and privilege access fees (income tax); […]
September 24, 2016

The Three Meanings of Resident for Real Estate Transactions

Summary Real estate transactions may involve up to three different legal meanings of resident. Canada’s Income Tax Act (“ITA”) deems you as representing an artificial legal person called an ITA “officer”. That federal officer is resident or non-resident in Canada for the ITA since property rights are otherwise under provincial […]