Tax avoidance

September 7, 2018

William Russell Tax Court Package Online at Scribd

William Russell Tax Court Order: Summary It seems the William Russell Tax Court order validates Apu’s Theory, our research on Canadian individual income tax. That is because the Tax Court of Canada first acknowledges William Russell’s pleaded facts must be “assumed to be true”. But then it illegally changed his facts […]
January 29, 2017

Paradigm Students Avoid Jail Using Apu’s Theory

Summary Recently two former Paradigm Education Group students (private property advocates), Bob and Terry Steinkey, avoid jail by using Apu’s Theory on how Canada’s income tax really works. They used Apu’s Theory for pointing out Canada’s laws protects private property rights; their contracts stated their income’s status is their private […]
September 5, 2016

Retroactive Tax Law – Apple Owes $19 Billion in Tax?

Retroactive Taxes Hits Apple in Ireland You: I heard that Apple owes $19 billion CDN in taxes to Ireland. Bad Apple! Apu: Apple paid all taxes that Ireland says were due. You: So Ireland now says they retroactively owe more? Apu: No, the European Union (EU) Commission says they should […]
August 21, 2016

Offshore Accounts – Why No CRA Crackdown?

Background The Mossack Fonseca affair, aka the “Panama Papers”, has exposed Canadians holding offshore accounts. This is not new. Other leaks have exposed other Canadian offshore accounts. But CRA has convicted a fraction of these accounts. The reason? CRA does not wish to