I filed taxes without a T1 using Apu’s Theory

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July 17, 2016
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I filed taxes without a T1 using Apu’s Theory

CRA Head Office sign Apu's Theory Ottawa Andre Treusch Commissioner of National Revenue Diane Lebouthillier Minister of National Revenue John Ossowski CRA Deputy CommissionerT1 Form with X through it to show cannot file private property income on a T1

Filing Includes Letter to Dept of Finance and CRA

I filed my tax return without using a CRA T1 form. As I only wanted to receive my income as my private property, I could not file that on Canada Revenue Agency’s T1 form. I combined my tax return letter with a copy of Apu’s Theory to explain why I could not file on a T1. In addition, since February 21, 2004 I ceased having a Social Insurance Number . According to Apu’s Theory that meant I was no longer liable. Despite that, I still filed since the tax laws allows

the Government every January 1st to deem that my income is Canada’s public money.¬† I have to override that deeming every year. My income was private property that I earned as a Human Rights Educator with Paradigm Education Group. Paradigm’s focus was teaching Canadians how to keep their income as their private property by overriding the tax law’s deeming that it is Canada’s public money. Naturally, I practiced what I taught to others.

I sent a 4-page covering letter to Paul Rochon, the Deputy Minister of Finance. The Department of Finance writes the tax laws. As the Deputy Minister is the long-term civil servant that usually stays for years, he must know what is going on. In contrast, the Minister of Finance changes with every new government.

I also copied Paul Rochon’s letter to over 40 others, mostly higher-ups at CRA’s Head Office. The Ottawa Head Office dictates policy for all of Canada. I sent them copies because it is difficult to claim they are operating in good faith and not recognizing private property income after receiving a copy of Apu’s Theory. I have the registered mail receipts proving they all received it. The 4-page letter and the registered mail receipts are here (4 MB download): Apus Theory Deputy Minister Finance Paul Rochon CRA.

My tax filing is 93 pages. It used an earlier version (4.3) of Apu’s Theory. Apu tells me the latest is Version 6.1. If you want the latest version download it at www.canadaincometaxislegal.is. But if you are still interested in my actual filing, it is here: (WARNING: 18 MB download).

In May 2016 the Tax Court of Canada refused to address Apu’s Theory. It seems a clever way to make sure it doesn’t show up in an Internet search. I think their refusal confirms Apu’s Theory.

How this Letter Could Show CRA Acting in Bad Faith

How can this help you? If you are claiming your income as your private property, the CRA officer that you are dealing with most likely will not know Apu’s Theory. This post is proof that their CRA superiors in Ottawa know about it. So if your CRA agent claims to not know about it, that means CRA has isolated Apu’s Theory from their own agents.¬† You then have grounds that CRA is acting in bad faith. This could give you a reason to subpoena these CRA Ottawa Head Office people to testify why they decided not to discuss Apu’s Theory with their own agents. From my experience CRA really does not like having their higher-ups subpoenaed. This is because higher-up people know things, so their choice on the witness stand is either tell the truth or lie under oath.

How to Help Other Canadians

How can you help all Canadians? Print out and send a copy of Apu’s Theory to anyone you deal with at CRA. Spread the good word! The truth will set you free! And all that good stuff. (But also read and heed, “No Rule of Law on www.canadaincometaxislegal.is).

Hopefully¬† this will help stop the Canadian government from abusing Canadians who wish to claim their income as their private property. But I’m not holding my breath.



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