We help you decipher: tax laws with Apu's Theory

Apu's Theory helps you decipher how income tax really works. As that is not taught, it cannot be found from textbooks, case law, or professionals. Our research is from CRA documents.

Apu's Theory is at Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Powerpoint, Keynote, and PDF versions are available FREE by sending us your email using the form on the Home page (videos coming soon).

We help you simplify: the Income Tax Act

Clay Shirky did a TED talk suggesting governments post on GitHub changes simplifying laws.

A future project will be posting a simplified version of the Income Tax Act on GitHub.

We help you monitor: court & CRA confirmations

In May 2016, Canada's Tax Court deliberately misquoted a taxpayer's facts to avoid addressing Apu's Theory. This "Glomar response" arguably confirms it. Such tactics ensure no confirmation of Apu's Theory will ever exist. We continue monitoring the courts for any similar cases.

Event occurred 1467 days ago, CRA has still not taken any collection action on that taxpayer. As that would be private property theft, a Criminal Code offence, we don't think they ever will.

We help you resolve: Fiscal Arbitrators, Demara, GLGI

Canadians participate in tax savings ideas, such as Fiscal Arbitrators, Demara Consulting, and Global Learning Group Inc. (GLGI) because Canada does not fully disclose how tax laws work. Even the Tax Court said CRA should give Canadians "early warning."

Such participants will not succeed in their Tax Court appeals. Perhaps a better way is showing how Canada has misled Canadians, including professional accountants and tax lawyers. This means Canada does not have "clean hands" under Equity Law. This is significant since Income Tax Act gross negligence fines and penalties, which are Equity Law remedies, are granted only to parties with "clean hands".

For a 39-slide presentation on resolving such gross negligence penalties, click here for a PDF version, here for a PowerPoint version, and here for a KeyNote version.

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