Your pay belongs to Canada. As does your CPP.
Plus you become liable for the national debt.

Obscured info summary

Accepting T1 pay and benefits makes that pay and CPP NOT yours but Canada's, you LIABLE for the NATIONAL DEBT, and your income becomes taxable.

The Income Tax Act ("ITA") deems everyone as ITA "officers" receiving income as Canada's "public money" and not as your private property.

The ITA respects God-given rights to private property. But this clashes with income tax (eating 30% of your ice cream). By deeming you as a second legal person, an ITA officer, income tax is then on that office's "public money".

Accepting any benefit on a T1 is also agreeing to be that officer as CPP, EI, GST, Canada Child Benefit, etc. are also from "public money".

Is there rule of law?

Is there rule of law? As Apu's Theory could be grounds for a lawsuit, the Government will never address Apu's Theory in court, or admit whether it is correct.

That's why in 2016 the Tax Court deliberately misquoted the facts, avoided addressing Apu's Theory, and struck the taxpayer's appeal.

Event occurred 1512 days ago, CRA still has not started any collection action, as that would be theft, a Criminal Code s.322(1) offence.

Unless you are comfortable, do NOT file your property as private! To avoid being reassessed, convert any private property income into public money and hand it over to Canada by conversion with a T1.

No wonder they hid this information from us.
Get a copy - while you still can.