Crown Prerogative

July 23, 2018

Crown Prerogative Creates Canada Income Tax Offices

Crown Prerogative in Canada: Summary Crown prerogative is the Crown’s residual power. One is the power to create offices, such as the Income Tax Act (“ITA”) “office”. But that is only the first of two steps. The second step requires you consenting to being an ITA “officer”, by acting like […]
July 17, 2018

Apus Theory Part 3 Released – FREE Partial Download

Summary Apus Theory is on how Canada’s individual income tax really works. This new Part 3 concludes Crown prerogative, public policy, and income tax law history support it. Part 3 uses 70 court cases and 10 law books. Some date from 1675. Most are on officers and public money. All […]
December 12, 2016

Pardoned Tax Evader Viola Desmond to be on Canada’s $10 Bill

Summary Viola Desmond will be the new face on the $10 bill in 2018. After her car broke down in Nova Scotia in 1946, the garage said it would take time for parts to arrive, so she went to a movie. The unwritten “law” was black persons were allowed only […]