"Minerva McGonagall"

Department of Finance (DOF)

"Minerva McGonagall" is a tipster in the Department of Finance.

The Department of Finance authors Canada's tax laws. They must understand them, even if Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) may not.
"We changed the meanings of words so taxpayers cannot understand the Income Tax Act."

"Neville Longbottom"

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

"Neville Longbottom" is a pseudonym for some CRA tipsters.

The government provides "comfort letters" (absolves legal liability) to agents that sign CRA Prosecution Reports as CRA is not told how tax laws really work.

"The Department of Finance discusses issues with CRA without me so I am left in the dark."

"Molly Weasley"

Department of Justice (DOJ)

"Molly Weasley" is a pseudonym for some DOJ lawyers.

The Department of Justice is the law firm for the Government of Canada and its agents, like CRA. Our tipsters shared some internal documents.

"I resigned from the DOJ because I refuse to abuse taxpayers' rights."

"Severus Snape"

Certified Professional Accountant (CPA)

"Severus Snape" is a pseudonym for some accountants.

Our CPAs include: some from CRA, a UFE Gold Medal winner, and some who were harassed for daring to question how the tax laws really work.

"The accounting association and CRA harrassed me for standing up for taxpayers' rights."

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